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Stirling Highland Games project.

We appointed Ceangail CIC, a social enterprise events organisation, to help us annually raise the necessary funds to keep the event going. The more funding partnerships that can be secured the better the prospect of the event continuing to build, allowing the committee to add more to the schedule which will attract more visitors. That in turn means more ticket sales which can then lead to a bigger donation to our Charity Partner, Ceangail Training Academy SCIO.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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There are only 10 Patron opportunities available.

If you or your organisation wish to help secure the annual delivery of our 150 year old cultural event then we would welcome your support. Please request a meeting with our President.

This is a 3 year minimum commitment.

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There are only 3 Partner opportunities available each year to support. Sport | Food and Drink | The Arts

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There are an array of opportunities available for businesses and individuals to support each year.

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Help us keep this traditional event alive and become a Friend by donating £1000 to our good cause.

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