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Stirling Highland Games Tartan Cap


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Stirling Highland Games Tartan Cap is 100% wool, woven in Scotland.


The tartan has been designed with the original 1870 committee in mind as the 23rd July 2020 marked 150 years of Stirling Highland Games. Stirling Highland Games tartan doesn’t just represent the diverse present but also recognises our past historical figures and their endeavours to create a great day out in Stirling.

Current President, Matt McGrandles, was keen to recognise the 3 members of that committee’s contribution by including a colour from each of their clan tartans in the design.

The 3 Members of the 1870 Stirling Highland Games Association were:

  1. Col. McPherson, Chief Commander at the Regiment and appointed Chairman of Stirling Highland Games
  2. James Graham 4th Duke of Montrose and appointed President of Stirling Highland Games
  3. Charles Murray 7th Earl of Dunmore and appointed Steward of Stirling Highland Games
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