Stirling Foodie Fest

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Stirling Highland Games presents, The Stirling Foodie Festival!

A marqueed area within the Traders Village area, exclusively for visitors to enjoy Scotland’s Food and Drink produce.

We have grown our food and drink are since 2014 with the support from Scotland Food and Drink. With this valuable support we have been able to engage with more producers year on year so visitors can lose themselves for a few hours with some of Scotland’s top quality, award winning food and drink produce. Just another part of the Stirling Highland Games Experience we offer.

Exclusive offers and tastings.

Stirling Foodie Fest Visitors Can:

  • Enjoy our fully covered Food and Drink area
  • Sample some of Scotland’s award winning food and drink produce
  • Meet our Celebrity Chef on the day
  • Hear from our producers directly about their provenance
  • Enjoy your day with us in relaxed and welcoming surroundings


Stirling Highland Games

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