Adaptive Heavyweights

Adaptive HeavyWeights

Our Adaptive Heavyweights competition this year is open to 6 ex VET Wounded Highlander athletes competing across 4 competition events, throwing their respective weights.

There were 9 World Records broken in 2021; 4 World Records broken in 2022 and 4 world records broken in 2023.

Join the crowds on the day and show your support by coming along and encouraging them to break even more records. 


The Cabers are tapered and can vary in length and weight. The caber used will be in accordance with the para-athletes ability.

The object of tossing the caber is to throw the pole directly ahead, landing on the heavy end so that the light end makes a perfect turn over and lands pointing directly in line, away from the thrower. Points are then awarded on how straight the caber falls with any deviation from 12 o’clock attracting penalty points.

Para-athletes will throw the 12 Ibs or 16 Ibs shot for distance.

Para-athletes will throw the 8 Ibs or 12 Ibs hammer for distance.

Para-athletes will throw the 14 Ibs or 28 Ibs for distance.

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