Creative Arts

Stirling Gaelic Choir

The Stirling Gaelic Choir are looking forward to performing live at this year’s event as part of our creative arts offering.

The Choir will be singing a mix of songs from their repertoire of Gaelic music, including fast-paced Puirt a Beul style tunes, modern songs written by the MacDonald brothers of Celtic folk/rock group Runrig and older traditional songs.

We are delighted to bring them on board to showcase the beautiful Gaelic language in song, and an amazing memory you will be able to take away with you.

Stirling Gaelic Choir was founded in 1948 and could more realistically be called the Central Scotland Gaelic Choir, as its 40 plus members travel to rehearsals from Balfron to Glenrothes, Bonnybridge to Crieff, and all parts in between.

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