tug of war

The basics for Tug of War is that a line is made on the ground at right angles to the rope. The rope must be between 10 and 12.5 centimetres in circumference, and must be free from knots or other holdings for the hands.

The minimum length of the rope is 35 metres and the ends have a whipping finish. Five tapes are fixed to the rope, a red tape top indicate the middle of the rope, tow white tapes 4 metres either side of this and two blue tapes 5 metres either side of the red tape.

The first puller must be within 30 centimetres of the blue tape. The pull has been won when the white tape is pulled over the mark and matches are decided on three pulls.

We are looking at a tug o war competition if interest is generated however for a full schedule of other activities check out Whats On at Stirling Highland Games.

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