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Support Stirling Highland Games

There are many ways your business can get involved and support Stirling Highland Games. Why not give us a call or drop us an enquiry from our Contact Us page – we would love to hear from you.

With all these opportunities your support will:

  • allow us to continue delivering a leading cultural sporting event in Stirling
  • allow us to continue to support the wider local economy by attracting visitors to Stirling
  • encourage employment for young people through our core skills in events programme we support through FVSE

In return you will become part of a growing event and included within our marketing and PR pre, during and post the games.

In 2016 our events economic impact for Stirling area was £199,582 and for Scotland £307,349.

Games Patron

Become a Games Patron for 10 years and enjoy our exclusive benefits package.

Community Partners

Join our growing list of businesses that support our community event and align your business with our leading annual cultural sporting event in Stirling.

Competition Partners

For businesses interested in being a Principle Partner of one of our competition events such as track & field, Heavyweights, Highland Dancing, Tug o War, Wreslting.

Chieftains Marquee Partner

For businesses interested in being a Principle Partner of our Chieftains Marquee, our VIP area playing host to past Chieftains, Community Partners, Funding Partners and invited guests.

Traders Village Partner

For businesses interested in being a Principle Partner of our Traders Village which includes our selected catering providers, Scottish crafts, Scottish jewellery and other local businesses.


We have opportunities to advertise your brand through our programme or you can provide banners for display around the games field.

Catering Pitches

We have opportunities for catering pitches to sell their food on site during the day. We are looking for a variety of food and welcome new ideas which may appeal to our visitors.

Scotland Food & Drink Producers

There are opportunities for Food and Drink Scotland producers to showcase their produce within Stirling Foodie Fest Marquee.

For more details on how your business can support Stirling Highland Games please get in touch via our Contact page.