Maxxium UK

About Maxxium UK

Maxxium UK are a leading sales and marketing, consumer-led business managing a portfolio of iconic brands, and part of the global sales and distribution alliance between Beam Inc and Edrington.

Our portfolio has enabled us to become one of the top three largest UK spirits distributors, with annual volumes sales in excess of 2.7 million cases*. We are very proud of our brands and are delighted to share them with you.

At the heart of our business is a commitment to building brands in partnership with our customers. This is an unswerving commitment, delivered through the respect, passion and dynamism which pervades the organisation at every level.

We believe relationships with customers are about more than merely distribution and logistics. Deep-rooted relationships have been built by adding value, providing marketing intelligence and helping maximise profitability.

We invest heavily in research to closely track what engages consumers and how this impacts on growth across both the on and off-trade channels.

Our customer and consumer insight teams identify trends before they emerge, ensuring our marketing and sales teams deliver the best possible service to our customers. This culture of proximity to our customers and consumers allows us to build superior presence of our brands in the relevant market channels.

We are constantly developing our on and off-trade capabilities and continue to invest in the size and skills of our sales force. Our passion for building brands extends to how they are best served, as exemplified by our mixxit training programme.

By maintaining an entrepreneurial outlook and preserving the highest standards of service and delivery, we adapt swiftly to changes and consolidation in the wines and spirits sector.

We believe the calibre of our portfolio and the professionalism of our team speaks volumes about our brand-building expertise. If you would like to find out more about how we can work together, we would be delighted to talk with you.