Would You Have Been Strong Enough to Take on The Bruce Challenge?

Stirling Highland Games is excited to share its news with visitors about its new event, The Bruce Challenge, that will form part of the 150-year anniversary celebrations on Saturday 15th August.

Although Stirling Highland Games has a long and turbulent history, the current committee has injected life back into the highland games over the last 6 years and are delighted to unveil a new open competition event as part of the 150-year celebrations.

The Bruce Challenge
will not be for the faint-hearted as participants will need to walk with 2 Scottish boulders, over a grass field, over a certain distance for a champion to be found. It is known that The Bruce visited many highland games to keep an eye out for which clan members were the fastest, the strongest and most agile. Stirling Highland Games pays tribute to that by creating this new challenge
which they are hoping will be around for a long time.

Stirling Highland Games President, Matt McGrandles explained that Stirling was known for something
completely different back in the 1870s. “Last year, based on a University of Stirling MSc Environment, Heritage, and Policy dissertation project was undertaken by Ian Mackintosh in collaboration with Ceangail
CIC, we found that Stirling was known for competitors having to climb to the top of a greasy pole to win a
leg of mutton hanging there. It wasn’t really something the committee was keen to resurrect at 150 years later so we looked at other challenges around Scotland and think by coming up
with The Bruce Challenge it will not only be enjoyed by competitors but also attract even more visitors.”

Long term event supporters Specsavers Stirling have agreed to back The Bruce Challenge for 3 years
to help get it established and CED Stone has very kindly donated the massive Scottish boulders but the committee wants to reach out to all businesses and ask them to get involved this year by becoming a
Friend of Stirling Highland Games. As the event can attract up to 8000 visitors, more infrastructure is
needed, and all business supporters’ donations will allow these costs to be covered.

Stirling Highland Games will not only give travellers to Stirling that authentic Scottish cultural sporting
experience they are looking for but as the event is managed by Ceangail CIC a social enterprise, it also
acts as a practical learning experience for up to 30 young people each year.

Ceangail CIC
has been delivering this type of transformational tourism model since 2014 so when
businesses become supporters or visitors buy tickets, they really do give back to the community they
are visiting as it allows the social enterprise to provide more practical learning experiences for the next
batch of young people that are part of a Ceangail Training Academy programme.

More information on the Stirling Highland Games and how to donate can be found on their website at
stirlinghighlandgames.com or please visit www.ceangail.org if you are interested to learn more about the social enterprise and Scottish charity.

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