2018 Chieftain

Simone Lahbib

Simone Lahbib is an award-winning British actress who is best known for her roles in award-winning British TV shows such as ‘Bad Girls’, as Wing Governor Helen Stewart and ‘Wire in the Blood’ as DI Alex Fielding, opposite Robson Green.

Simone is a fantastic actress, starring in the likes of Monarch of the Glen [2004] as Isobel Anderson; Downton Abbey [2012] as Wilkins; The Loch [2017] as Mhari Toner; Eastenders [2022-21] as Katy Lewis and Shetland [2022] as Jill Stevens.

Although unexpected Simone said of the role, “When I was first contacted and asked to be ‘Chieftain’ of Stirling Highland Games, I was absolutely thrilled! I knew I had just been bestowed a great honour, although to be honest, I had no idea what the role entailed!”

5 minutes later following a search on Google, “I was even more thrilled once I read the history behind this great role, in particular the paragraph which likens the Highland Games Chieftain to being King or Queen for the day, helping to choose the fastest and strongest clansmen.”

Simone explained that once she had a better idea of what a Games Chieftain of old used to do she had imagined, ‘that’s a job for me!” in her best Billy Connolly voice and Matt added, “Apart from the fact I now can’t stop talking in a Billy Connolly voice myself, it’s going to be another fantastic day on the 18th August and having had several chats with Simone, I know she will do the role and Stirling a great credit.”

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