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Stirling Highland Games welcomes athlete entries in advance to help the organisers plan for the day.

As we are members of the Royal Scottish Highland Games Association, we too support the Clean Sport ethos surrounding competing in competitions. All athletes entering our competitions should too.

Please complete the online entry form below or download a SS Entry Form 2023 and scan then email it back to office@. Terms of entry on the form.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

Stirling Highland Games 2023 Stirling Stones Entry

Competition held in spirit of sportsmanship of RSHGA Rules. Please add your RSHGA registration number or if a day registration, please add 00000.
Please tell us the club you are a member of. If none, write none.
Contact number
Please enter street address, address line 2 [if applicable], city, postcode
dd / mm / yyyy
Please note the Bruce Challenge will happen as usual but we are actively seeking sponsors and if successful, both the Wallace Challenge and the de Moray Challenge will be added in due course to the competition. Athletes will be expected to enter all events available with top 3 waiting for the presentation.
Please tick. [Stirling Stones 1st £400 | 2nd £200 | 3rd £100]
Please tick. As a not-for-profit organisation it is important that all athletes pay their competition entry fee of only £6. Following receipt of your entry form, an email will be sent with BACS bank details for payment plus a discount code for family to use on entry tickets to Stirling Highland Games.
Please tick all.
Please tick.
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