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Tilting the Ring

In 1226, King Alexander II of Scotland, granted a Charter to the Burgh of Stirling, for their Merchants Guild, to hold markets or fairs and he also gave them other privileges.    In the medieval period (13th to 16th century), Stirling Castle, which is associated with King Arthur, was famed for hosting jousting tournaments (tilts).

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Stirling Castle

The history of the Stirling Highland Games is intrinsically entwined with that of Stirling Castle. The castle goes back to at least the 12th century. Its prominent defensive position was strengthened and altered over the following centuries, with new buildings and fortifications being built. Given its natural commanding location, close to where the River Forth

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Stirling Chapmen

Stirling Chapmen (Pedlars) and Merchants. The origin of the Stirling Guildry is not definitely known. King Alexander II., on 18th August, 1226, granted a Charter in favour of the Burgh of Stirling, conferring the right to a weekly market and other privileges. At this period in time, Chapmen, or pedlars, carried their wares from place

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