Discover Stirling

Discover Stirling

The Discover Stirling marquee will become the Discover Stirling 900 marquee in 2024 as Stirling celebrates 900 years of being a Royal Burgh!

Visitors can expect a warm welcome to our marquee from our volunteer team located here.

Stirling Highland Games Merchandise

You can find out more about our highland games tartan products and merchandise to buy from our amazing Engagement team in the marquee which contributes to funds needed to keep the event going each year. Make sure you drop by for a look and to find out about other things happening over games weekend in Stirling.

Stirling 900

Exclusive to Stirling Highland Games, we will create an ‘old photos of Stirling’ exhibit inside the Discover Stirling 900 marquee to celebrate this momentous occasion for the city.

Visitors will be able to explore our exhibit on the day, enjoying the selection of old pictures we have managed to put on display. We are delighted to collaborate with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Museum based in Stirling Castle.

Stirling 900: A Celebration of History and Community

Stirling, a Royal Burgh founded by King David I in 1124, is approaching its 900th anniversary. Making it one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in Scotland.

Situated at the strategic crossing point of the Forth, Stirling derives its name from the Gaelic language, signifying its unique location. This position has bestowed upon Stirling a paramount significance in Scottish history, shaping Scotland’s identity throughout the ages.

Nowhere else in Europe can one traverse from a historic battlefield to a Celtic fort, a medieval palace, and the site of a Jacobite siege, all within a 15-minute walk. Stirling is the birthplace of tartan, the home of the world’s oldest football, and the backdrop for the coronations of James V, Mary Queen of Scots and James VI.

Embark on a journey through the historic streets of Stirling, Scotland’s oldest and smallest city. Delve into the rich tapestry of its heritage, spanning from tartan to the reign of Mary Queen of Scots, from pioneering flights to the legendary figures of William Wallace and Bonnie Prince Charlie.

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